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Unread January 31st, 2005, 03:58 PM
Lindsay Smith
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Default Re: Hello, looking for treatment + background

What kind of 'treatment' do you have in mind? Something the helps, that works of course. You will need to satisfy the Baptist community. My general feeling is that whatever you do, whatever process you go through the community that you live in won't allow you to live this accusation down. There are those who know about it & come to know about it who will never will let that happen. Some people will be raising the issue even by look & gesture unconsciously as long as they draw breath. Others may even get perverse pleasure from using the rumour against you in some way. So perhaps starting afresh somewhere else may be an idea. But that suggestion has limitations too if you only move & keep attending Baptist church & mix with Baptists who find out where you come from & so on. So changing the brand of Christianity you adhere to may be something to think about. Even changing religion. Relocating may be a big problem for your wife as she may not want to leave the place where you now live for many reasons.
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