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Talking Near Death Experiences re: a reply and explanation to ur question and thoughts

very simple explanation.. Something that science does not believe or elaborate on is the existance of the other side, another dimension. We live on earth, yet many of us fail to see or believe in something taht exists beyond this place we call earth. Some of us are able to be intune with higher frequency and higher vibrations, and the man u said that could see other Beings that u couldnt see were souls or "spirits" that belong to the higher frequency... many many times people who are in critical care or near death experieces are able to have a glimps of our spirit guides,, or beings that exist and look over us. THink of it this way.. u see a fan and u are aware that it has wings, however when we turn a fan on the wings are moving so fast taht we cannot see the wings,, they are at a higher vibration.. so this is the same idea,, many psychics are able to get intune with this higher vibartion and frequency and are able to see many things that the normal human eye cannot. yes this is something many doctors or scientists to not understand, But they are so caught up in the belief that if THey dont see it then It does NOt exist and is not true, but fail to understand taht Other people may be able to see it, see things that not everyone can, and it Does exist

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