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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

Originally Posted by alexandra_k
Both of us were arguing on the assumption that free will is one kind of thing (that the folk have one conception of free will and that that conception is incoherant / contradictory).
Seems that you were talking about one conception that people display in some settings...
And I was talking about another conception that people display in some other settings...
We were trying to argue that there is only one conception and so we were disagreeing about which aspects of the conception one should give up in order to make the conception coherent.
I'm not so interested in what people display or how they describe the illusions they have. That is definitely an excellent exercise in philosophy. And I know how this study brilliantly illustrates the opposing philosophical arguments that our points of view lead to. And for that it was a great read. And I see why you might have felt that this would have united our points of view as opposite sides of the same (real) coin.

I'm more interested in the science behind these concepts, not the concepts themselves. And people misunderstanding free will because they are under the illusion might add clues but it does not prove that free will exists.

It's still all an illusion. Though a very useful one.
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