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Default Re: Going into Art therapist or Art psychologist?

Originally Posted by windcloverdeed
Hi all,

I am pretty new to this science/psychology/CBT area, currently still a student studying psychology, part-time degree course while working.
I am planning of moving into art therapy area in next 3 years time. I am not sure if it's in for me, but i believe that art do heals and allows one to express.And would like to move into this field after spending quite some time doing community volunteer & i found that i am not helping people enough...

I understand that i have to take up master to practice as a psychologist, but i am looking career path relating to counselling+CBT+Art therapy for kids, not sure if it's possible.

DO i have to get a degree in art to be in art psychologist? Or should i move on to take a childhood related course is it's in for kid?

Any expertist advice for the educational path, career path or advice in this area?

Generally a degree in art is not considered necessary. Certainly an interest in art and some ability argues in favour of success in the field. I am not an art therapist, however, I am a visual artist and a counsellor/therapist. I have read extensively in the discipline, but can't claim any specialized knowlege based on professional trainiing.

My (albeit limited) understanding is that the art stands between the client and therapist and becomes the target for transferance. Therefore, the quality of the therapist's own art is not an issue. It is what the client undertakes within the course of therapy that is important.

I would say that a technical command of media, including the implementation of safety/toxicity measures would be adequate. of course a visual artist who trains to become an art therapist will have an advantage over others who may be new to art as a profession.

In Canada, Athabaska University offers an Art Therapy specialty within their mostly on-line community counselling MA stream. Candidates do the art piece through the Art Therapy Institute of Vancouver. Similarly, the Open University of British Columbia was (and may still be) offering art therapy training in conjunction with the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. I think that either McGill or Concordia Universities (not sure which) offers graduate education in Art Therapy.

Me, I am a Jungian counsellor and C.G.Jung was a pioneer in the use of art in analysis. I guess this is why I have a fondness for Art Therapy in my soul.



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