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Default Re: Welcome to the Forum - Ten Year Progress!

It's been a while since this last post - and also my participation in the Forum.
Congratulations on the success with the web site. Like all these 1000s of people searching the site I have recently found your information about Children's issues. They are very easy to read and refresh stages and strategies and such.Thank you so much.
But I wonder if you could direct me to a relevant article or professional that could answer my current question.
A child in my care who just turned one year has displayed such a strong 'Tantrum' today that I was really astonished. His looks 'thrown' at me were of such intensity and the force and strength he displayed with his body took me unawares. I have handeled all sorts of temperaments but have not come accross one at such an early age.
I feel to know now the reason of his discomfort, but to react in such a way has really caught me unprepared and made me search out this area a bit more.
Thanks for your comments
Rita Schaad
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