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Default Welcome to the EMDR Forum

Welcome to a Dialogue on EMDR with Francine Shapiro

This discussion forum is facilitated by Francine Shapiro, the originator and developer of EMDR (for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). In a few short years, this intervention method has gained wide acceptance among therapists as a treatment for the after-effects of trauma and considerable research has been published which supports its effectiveness.

Follow these links for more information about Dr. Shapiro and EMDR.

Before reading further or posting on this forum please read the Behavior Online Disclaimer and Forum Policy.

Like all Behavior OnLine forums, the EMDR forum is designed for information exchange and discussion among mental health professionals. The EMDR forum does permit participation from the lay public. However the EMDR forum is not an appropriate place to seek, or to provide, advice or assistance for individual problems. Those seeking professional assistance will find many resources on the Internet including NIMH and EMDR.

Because it is open to to clinicians, researchers, and lay persons the EMDR forum is an extremely active one. For this reason administrative review will occur frequently and only those posts which appear to serve a clear instructive and informative purpose will be retained. The forum facilitator may direct attention to archived posts when topics are initiated which have been discussed previously.

This forum launched in 1997. In the EMDR Forum Archive, available soon, you can read the messages posted in this forum prior to the current date.

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