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Default Re: help construction socratic dialogue

Thanks for the reply! my patient here I suppose really would be the family of the particular child. to borrow a term from some of my family systems colleagues, one particular child is the IP (identified patient) and his behavior has been deemed by everyone else to be completely inconsiderate, self-centered, obnoxious, annoying, bullying, you get the picture. I am trying to get to the level with him that we can, indeed, begin to collaboratively examine the problem (the "it" that Beck referred to...) -but I need a strategy to help him see that in fact there is a problem here. I've been working with the family for a long time and have seen the situation from a number of angles. at this point, I'm convinced that, for the most part, the other members of the family are correct and that this child's behavior is just not ok. the thing is, as I posted before - he has constructed a wall of rationalization around himself that I'm having trouble penetrating... it is always the other child who started it, always someone else's fault, etc
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