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Unread November 1st, 2007, 08:50 PM
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Default 11/01/07 UPDATE ON FRED HUSSEY

I always do whatever Shelley wants...


Hey Jim-
I think you should post Fred's email below to the board. It's pretty
witty, for feeling so shi--.


Fred H. wrote:
> Hey Jim, thanks so much for your sentiments. You're very kind.
> I seem to making some very slow progress. Only two diarrhea BMs today
> so far. Now that's progress.
> Actually I'm down about 25 lbs, but I think I'm holding. I tend to be
> very tired. I eat/drink only water and something called Breeze---sugar
> water with lots of calories and vitamins.
> The fact that I'm writing his email indicates I've had a mini burst of
> energy. Won't last long and I'll probably soon be quite exhausted..
> Thanks so much for your concern. If/when I'm healthier I'll post a
> quick, hopefully witty and relevant to EP, summary of my PSC &
> pancreatitis-diarrhea days. I've decided I'm going to be far more
> proactive in my study/research of my disease(s). Pain is a great
> motivator.
> At the risk of sounding a bit anal, so to speak, please remove my/our
> email address from your post. Haven't received any spam and want to
> avoid possibility as much as possible.
> Later,
> Fred Hussey

Too bad when a Georgia cracker doesn't like Spam...

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