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Default Re: What Inhibits People From Participating Here


I've been visiting the forum sporadically for about a year, first time poster. I have 2 thoughts around why there might be light postings on this forum (which is fantastic, by the way). One, the registration link on the ‘reply’ screen seems to be broken at the moment, so one can’t register and reply on the fly (or at least this was the case for me). I had to go back to the main screen to register, and then go back to the original post. You could be loosing some of those impulse respondents.

The other reason why this (and psychology forums in general) tend to be lighter in posting is the ‘bored at work factor’. I think this is what keeps the heart beating in most internet forums. Psychologists typically aren’t behind a computer screen for 8+ hours a day, less surfing and internet activity in general. ...just a thought.
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