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Default Re: Are there any outcome studies for Functional Analytic Ps.Th?

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy is interesting but I've had a hard time getting a clear sense of it despite attending a workshop by Kohlenberg and Tsai.

I'm not sure there is much outcome data yet. I just did a quick search and may well have missed some relevant studies but I only found the two below:

Kohlenberg, R. H. ; Kanter, J. W. ; Bolling, M. Y. ; Parker, C. ; Tsai, M. (2002). Enhancing cognitive therapy for depression with functional analytic psychotherapy: Treatment guidelines and empirical findings. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 9(3), 213-229.

Abstract - Two enhancements to cognitive therapy (CT)--a broader rationale for the causes and treatment of depression, and a more intense focus on the client-therapist relationship--were evaluated in a treatment development study. The enhancements were informed by Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), a treatment based on a behavioral analysis of the change process. FAP Enhanced Cognitive Therapy (fECT) includes 7 specific techniques that CT therapists can use to make their treatment more powerful and to address the diverse needs of clients more effectively. The results indicate that fECT produced a greater focus on the client-therapist relationship and is a promising approach for improving outcome and interpersonal functioning. It also appears that a focus during sessions on clients problematic cognitions about the therapist adds to efficacy.

Kanter, J. W. ; Landes, S. J. ; Busch, A. M. ; Rusch, L. C. ; Brown, K. R. ; Baruch, D. E. ; Holman, G. I. ( 2006). The effect of contingent reinforcement on target variables in outpatient psychotherapy for depression: A successful and unsuccessful case using functional analytic psychotherapy. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 39(4), 463-467.

Abstract - The current study investigated a behavior-analytic treatment, functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP), for outpatient depression utilizing two single-subject A/A+B designs. The baseline condition was cognitive behavioral therapy. Results demonstrated treatment success in 1 client after the addition of FAP and treatment failure in the 2nd. This study highlights the challenges in measuring treatment progress and outcome idiographically in this population.
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