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Default Re: Sleeping with the Client

I've never felt like falling asleep, specifically either...but I have sure as blazes been bored by some clients. Now I try to take a more active approach with them when I feel this way...even interrupting them at times by summarizing what they said and where I think they're going with it - then checking out if they agree this is acurate. It's not my favorite approach, but with "boring" clients, I think it's actually more respectful than just letting them prattle on in a boring manner. Perhaps over time my summarization skills will rub off, and they can learn to say what they're trying to get across in a less "boring" way.

I understand fully that this is can be a dangerous approach and I don't take it lightly. I would never suggest interrupting most clients rather than listening to them and allowing them to process what they're saying as they say it.
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