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Default Re: Sleeping with the Client

During my internship I co-facilitated two process groups, and I noticed, along with the facilitator, that I would tend to fall asleep on certain clients in the group, but not on others. I was thankful for the approach; "let's see if we can pay attention to this and learn what kinds of clients affect you this way." Indeed, there was a certain type that did it. They were the avoidant ones who would run their typical excuses about using drugs, using people, circumstances all against them, etc. By the time I had reached my internship I had been working for 3-4 years on an ICU for a psych hospital specializing in dual-diagnosed clients, and I was bored to sleep with a familiar kind of presentation. It was like throwing a switch on my mind. Try as I would (literally pinching myself in various places (!) to stay awake), when these people would get going I would check out. Once I got out into private practice, and the clients became more interesting again, I didn't have this trouble, but I do recall nodding off on this one person; when I popped back to, I noticed he was looking right at me, so, I asked him, "Did I nod off there?" (expecting for us to talk about that, because I knew I had), but the client just said, "No." That puzzled me for several minutes and kept me awake all by itself.
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