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Default Special series on Cultural/ethnic/racial issues

The October, 2005 edition of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology includes a special section covering cultural/racial/ethnic issues in community and clinical psychology. While it isn't exclusively about CBT, a number of the articles are CBT-oriented and all are relevant.
Introduction to the special section on multicultural and community psychology: Clinical psychology in context. Nagayama Hall, Gordon C.

Toward evidence-based interventions for diverse populations: The San Francisco General Hospital prevention and treatment manuals. Muñoz, Ricardo F.; Mendelson, Tamar

Why bother with beliefs? Examining relationships between race/ethnicity, parental beliefs about causes of child problems, and mental health service use. Yeh, May; McCabe, Kristen; Hough, Richard L.; Lau, Anna; Fakhry, Fatmé; Garland, Ann

Caregiver-Therapist Ethnic Similarity Predicts Youth Outcomes From an Empirically Based Treatment. Halliday-Boykins, Colleen A.; Schoenwald, Sonja K.; Letourneau, Elizabeth J.

Obstacles for rural American Indians seeking alcohol, drug, or mental health treatment. Duran, Bonnie; Oetzel, John; Lucero, Julie; Jiang, Yizhou; Novins, Douglas K.; Manson, Spero; Beals, Janette; American Indian Service Utilization and Psychiatric Epidemiology Risk and Protective Factors Project Team, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Ethnicity, culture, and sexual aggression: Risk and protective factors. Hall, Gordon C. Nagayama; Teten, Andra L.; DeGarmo, David S.; Sue, Stanley; Stephens, Kari A.

Effects of culturally adapted parent management training on Latino youth behavioral health outcomes. Martinez, Charles R.; Eddy, J. Mark
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