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Default Re: Therapy as Craft

Thank you for the carefully articulated observation. I do not think what I do is accounted for by attention to detail as a general rule. I seem to be better at overlooking details more often than I desire! I think the idea of a 'single mind' is a good one. I do become absorbed and trust that I will recall (rather than making lots of mental categories as I go). Erickson taught that was should observer, observe, observe. So, if I use a presupposition and the person responds, I watch and listen for that to happen again. Soon, I realize that I may secure a needed resource easily with presupposition syntax. And so on for other interpersonal exchanges. What do I chalk it up to? Two things are important in addition to observation. The first is practice. In a dojo you go over a move repeatedly until it is really 'yours' and you understand when to do it and what effect you are likely to obtain with it. The same is true for all the things you mentioned. The other thing I think was greatly useful to me was memorizing a zillion songs. Yup. Why? I suspect that the way in which my brain learned to store and access songs (in an analogical and random access manner) has to do with how I can jump between theoretical connections and client observations. I don't if this is so, but it is my best serious conjecture. That probably helps with being a bit of a story teller, too. Okay, enough about me. How can you come to do things the way you wish?
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