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Default Therapy as Craft

Mr. Lankton,

I recently began reading your book, Enchantment and Intervention in Family Therapy, and I must admit that the level of detail and distinction that you use during therapy is quite amazing. The other therapists that I have read do not seem to have the same capacity to explain why they used a specific phrase or hand movement etc. in the same level of detail. I was curious about how long it took you to become proficient to the point that every statement or question etc., is developed with the specific client in mind and yet has a matching theoretical context that may or may not fit more than one client (e.g. Gestalt or TA)? Do you think that it is more a function of who you are in terms of a detailed oriented person or simply a lot of practice? As a less seasoned therapist, I always seem to fight the "two minds" in therapy. If I focus on theory, I lose the client, but when I am more present with the client, I sometimes have difficulty figuring out the next move in terms of a plan that is theoretically sound (even in hindsight). In short, when does this career that I like so much get a little easier.
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