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Default Re: Sleeping with the Client

> Regardless of what triggers them, they are YOUR feelings of sleepiness. Attempts to find a client based explanation for them --especially as it relates to a judgement of the individual as "boring" - are irresponsible.

Lol! And thank you. I'm glad someone else was thinking that.

I think that it might be worth exploring whether there is something about the clients interpersonal style... But only AFTER considering whether it is the result of some kind of transference.

And as for the 'boring' judgement...

I agree 100% that it is attitudes / comments like that that give therapists / the process of therapy a bad name. And I am really very pleased that this has occured to someone else too.


As for the last post to the thread...


Have you read the thread?

The actual nature of the question might suprise you...
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