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Default Re: Sleeping with the Client

I'm going to ignore the last entry into this thread because it's either a joke or it's someone who totally misses the point. There are clients who will put me to sleep if I let them. That's not a function of my lack of sleep or lack of caffiene. I can have my next client come in and can be very interested in what they are saying.

There are other client's who will bore me to death. I don't think your doing those clients a favor by ignoring these feelings and pretending to be interested.

Suppose you say (in a non blaming, non judgemental, just an observation) that "you know I'm getting really bored here and I just know that I need to tell you that." Therapy is not a place where you win a lot of points by conforming to the social conventions, it needs to be real.

Sometimes those clients need to learn social skills. Other times there is a real issue that they are avoiding by droning on about something else.

My two cents worth.
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