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Default Re: Appropriate Self-Disclosure

Originally Posted by TheCaps
What do you consider to be "appropriate self-disclosure?" Can you give an example? Perhaps you could also let me know what your specialities are.
I try to limit self-disclosure as the session is about the client, not me. I will disclose trivial aspects of my life - the sorts of things I would relate to any stranger. However, I do not get into items relevant to my own psyche.

By limiting self-disclosure, I limit cross projection as well. My self-disclosure is most often at the "contracting" phase of counselling, that is, at the time of an initial meeting. This is a good way to break the ice, as it were.

I am a psychotherapist (Jungian influenced) in private practice and I work at a "day job", running an adult employment service within a local agency. To that end, I am a managing career counsellor and vocational evaluator.


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