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Lightbulb "The Imprinted Brain" by Christopher Badcock

Badcock's book about his theory is coming out shortly. It's oddly styled for an introduction of a new theory to a general audience. It's not that it's technically difficult, it's just that there are simply too many assumptions of technical knowledge made for a popular book compared to really good science writing. If you know a little about the syndromes of autism and schizophrenia and a little about genetics and a little about evolutionary explanation, the book reads really well and gets right to the concepts that are unique to the theory, but it doesn't explain the basic concepts at all. That's going to hurt it in the market I think. Plus the fact that Badcock is rather opinionated in spots. Comparing religion and feminism both to psychosis is going to win him some devoted opponents who won't even bother to read the book.

So the book has some presentation challenges but it does give a good sense of the data and observations that drive the theory and a sense of what it might be able to explain. I'm lukewarm about the book itself, but the novelty of and potential of the concepts more than make up for it.

My review.

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