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Default Check out my short film about Depression

Hi, I often experience depression and a few months ago I decided to create an animated short film that deals with the issue. The name of my film is "The Depression of Detective Downs." About two weeks ago, it premiered on I tried to make sure I included every symptom I could think of to fully let the viewer see what it's like to be depressed.

The story involves a detective, by the name of Rolando Downs, who has to keep his mind straight long enough to bring a kidnapper to justice and save a little girl's life. It takes place over a week's time and at certain moments in the film we even see a "Depression Meter" appear on the screen to let us know exactly how depressed he is. I'd really appreciate it if you all checked it out. Who knows, maybe your friends and loved ones may even be able to understand the problem of depression a little better.

The link for the film is below.
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