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Default Re: Ann Coulter & Wm. Provine: Evolution's Odd Couple

MM: I know that by saying "within nature" you meant ideas that our present science can somewhat verify according the rules of its parochial system - scientific theories of nature. But, I think it's good to remember that that distinction makes a huge difference when judging whether an idea is "harmful in the long run" or not.
Yes, I suppose we can understand how it is that MM “feels compelled by her emotions,” to believe that the “rules” of “our present science” are a “parochial system.” But does it ever occur to MM that whatever she herself happens to believe, based on her so-called “emotion theory of behavior choice,” her so-called “axiom,” can never be any less “parochial” than whatever she happens to believe that others “believe,” since she herself, as she explains in her so-called “axiom,” can believe only whatever it is she believes b/c that is what makes MM herself “feel good,” and that she “uses her brains to justify it”??? Hello?

Nope, it never occurs to MM herself; ergo it seems that her so-called “axiom” is somewhat true for MM herself . . . and that she’s unable to grasp the catch-22 implications of her circular notion. Fascinating.
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