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Default Re: Battle Against Scientific Illiteracy

Wait . . . I explained why you aren't qualified to argue about the relative merits of physics and biology. I guess I was right, as you just repeated your stock low entropy post rather than addressing anything I had written.

Originally Posted by Fred
(Ever notice how physicists typically don’t to invoke “selection” in explaining how it is that our galaxy/solar system/planet evolved?—of course they don’t have to b/c they have superb theories like gravity to explain things.)
Given the distinction between bodies of inanimate matter and populations of living organisms capable of passing heritable information from one generation to the next, I'd have thought it'd be obvious that natural selection is irrelevant to cosmic evolution, but central to biological evolution. Again, you aren't technically capable of evaluating the theory of gravitation and the theory of selection (which is extensively developed . . . I don't see how you remain in denial about this), much less comparing and contrasting their merits. To be fair, I'm not up to speed with the math of general relatvity, either . . . but I'm not trying to claim that selection is 'superb' while relativity is not. In fact, I think that comparing the two is a pretty empty excercise altogether.

I remain convinced that Darwinians need to be a bit more modest and circumspect regarding what they think they actually know, what they can actually explain, and what the available science and the evidence actually tells us regarding the origin and evolution of life . . .
You remain convinced, and yet have no justification for your conviction. Clearly, you are frustrated and can think of nothing to do other than to repeat yourself, even though we've already established that your objections to evolutionary biology are woefully lacking in substance.

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