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Default Re: Record keeping dilemma

I have learning disabilities, and I know I need a computer to help me organize something like notes.

As far as online goes - it is feasible. Especially if you use a larger company with plenty of back up computers. The only problem is safety of confidential information. You have to make certain that the notes are locked behind 256 bits of encryption. That is considered military strength, and is the level that banks use. It is also the level required by HIPAA for medical notes.

I know what I would do though. I would use a laptop. Then I would install a software program with 256 bit of encryption. I would make my notes on the laptop, but make certain to encrypt all the notes. I would buy an external flash drive and back up the hard drive at least weekly. With an extra monthly back up to cd roms. There are also online back up options like carbonite. I love that company. Again, if you make absolutely certain that all your files are completely encrypted it should be ok. Personally, my notes laptop would not be connected to the Internet. Just to add another (maybe completely unnecessary) layer of protection to those notes. You can always print out your notes when you get home and keep them locked away there.

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