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Arrow More than a kiss...

Networks are not only in how our brain organizes ideas but in how Todd, Fred, and Tom were organized. A kiss can be very much more than a kiss and sometimes directly and sometimes through viruses, genes move laterally, sometimes in creative ways and sometimes in ways that will kill you.


From New Scientist:

"THERE is nothing new to be discovered in physics." So said Lord Kelvin in 1900, shortly before the intellectual firestorm ignited by relativity and quantum mechanics proved him comprehensively wrong.

If anyone now thinks that biology is sorted, they are going to be proved wrong too. The more that genomics, bioinformatics and many other newer disciplines reveal about life, the more obvious it becomes that our present understanding is not up to the job. We now gaze on a biological world of mind-boggling complexity that exposes the shortcomings of familiar, tidy concepts such as species, gene and organism.

A particularly pertinent example is provided in this week's cover story - the uprooting of the tree of life which Darwin used as an organising principle and which has been a central tenet of biology ever since."

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