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Default Re: I want to find professional colleagues


Fred often writes of grand things, thank you for bring us to earth. He resembles, however, a dying friend whom I met just last night and for whom i grieve:

"A mid December evening after a day of 60 degree weather. I type in my sunroom and notice the last moth of summer. It makes small circles on the other side of the glass, kept out in the chill and away from the light over my shoulder. A metaphor for me, for everyone of us when kept from pursuing our nature..."

Fred does what he does with gusto, abundance, passion and never a doubt. I envy him despite whatever kinship he and the rest of us share with that moth.

The geneticist, CD Darlington commented that men do now what they have always done and will do tomorrow that they do today. You can find him in Russian on Wikipedia.

PS: stop apologizing for your English. It's far better than most Americans! (Not much of a compliment, given what average Americans now do, but it's the best I have..."

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