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Lightbulb Re: I want to find professional colleagues

It has been said by Alexander Muller that "If there is no God we are a tragic event between two nothings". Have a look at Classical Adlerian Psychology on this forum. It adds an element more in keeping with some of the implications of quantum mechanics and the current understandings of the "non-locality" effect in physics. The anti-theistic bias in the biological sciences is not found in the true sciences like quantum mechanics and cosmology. For some hard English reading, look at David Bohm's book, "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" published in paperback by Ark publications from Britain. (It is out of print but used copies are available on line.) He was a very fine minded theoretical physicist. My son is a quantum mechanical physicist who worked on the "tau neutrino" research team with Atomic Energy Canada Limited. You have probably been raised in an educational system that teaches a closed ended or random chance only universe and that may not represent open minded thinking and therefore good science. I have to watch that my personal assumptions do not interfere too severely with the attainment of good knowledge. Greetings from a colleague in Canada!
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