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Default I want to find professional colleagues

Dear Sirs!

My name is Tatiana Kochetova (Moscow, Russia, 33 years old). I am a professional psychologist and a teacher of social psychology.

Two years ago I have finished postgraduate study in Institute of Psychology of Russian Academia of Science and have written the dissertation. My scientific interests: evolutionary stable strategies, altruism, evolutionary psychology of status and reputation.

Now I am currently giving lectures in the Moscow Municipal Psychological University affiliated with the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Education, where I have students and post-graduate students who are helping me with the sampling. I have some articles in the Russian scientific journals... (about me:

I would like to know about possibilities for postdoctoral training in USA. It is very important for me, because I'm going to study evolutionary psychology and to develop this scientific investigation in Russia.

I know that my English is not good, but I study it, because I need it for my researches... And sorry for my mistakes.

I hope you can spare a minute to reply to this message. Thanks.
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