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Default Re: Sexual Abuse and Nonepileptic Seizures

Hello Dr. Neeson,

I am a newcomer here having registered just last week, and it was my intention to "lurk" for awhile, but something about these posts compelled me to jump into the pool and comment.

First, a little about me: I am a therapist in private practice supported by an "agency" job. I manage an employment counselling service in Ontario. While my background is Jungian, I have always admired Adler and the sort of "no nonsense" approach taken by Adlerian therapists. I attempt to inculcate both Jungian and Adlerian principles into my work. Further, I do not claim to be an expert in either tradition. I do, however, read constantly and feel I have acquired a rudimentary understanding of each theorist's work.

With respect to the current thread (as well as another by the same original poster (OP)) I would comment that "out here" on the "wild west" of our times, we are confronted all the time with persons and circumstances that are hard to validate. I have read the posts here and on the other thread by the same OP.

First, for a "lay person," this individual seems awfully certain with respect to diagnosis. I am almost always suspect when a client tells me "this is how it is." You and I both know that there are many, many potentially causes of psychic phenomena, and that knowlege of past pain does not necessarily point to a cause for this or that observed behaviour. My advice to the gentleman in question would be to have his spouse forge a solid working relationship with a professional.

Second, without imputing poor faith on the part of the OP I would suggest that under the cover of internet anonimity, many positions may be presented by persons who would post. I would be hesitant to draw any firm conclusions (save for one) from the materials placed here by the OP. That one conclusion would be a sense of hostility I get from the postings. For example, it the message is not understood, then the professional must be one of those "Dr. Phil" types, etc, etc.

Further, there seems to be a bit of the "consumer-survivor" attitude expressed in the OPs postings. It is along the lines of "poor you having been beat down so much by the nasty psychologists." I mean it - as a member of many fora, I have learned the general forms taken by those who would post to cause reactions. Personally, I think that this is a bit of a quiet board for that sort of behaviour. (I am reminded of the glory days of the Jung list. Boy! There was some excellent flaming on that one, I can tell you.)

Where is this hostility coming from? Is it even genuine? Does the person have a sad history with counsellors? Is this trolling at its best? We can't really know as we don't have this person in therapy and the door to this person's motivation is forever closed to us.

As for your reply, I doubt if the OP had the FIRST CLUE as to what you were talking about. Grist for his mill, no?

To conclude, why is the OP coming here for psychological advice. This is a public forum, for heaven's sake, not a consulting room. Again, perhaps the spouse should book with a competent professional.

Nice to make your acquaintance.


Charles McNeil
London, Canada
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