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Default Re: Sexual Abuse and Nonepileptic Seizures

Originally Posted by George Neeson
A notable Canadian neurologist says that almost all "observed seizures" are neurotic in origin. From the perspective of Adlerian psychology, a person in therapy who has (creates) seizures in session, is trying to maintain their life goal.
I would say that this is an outdated and simplistic explanation and doesn't fit with many other researchers opinions. Who is the "noted' Canadian neurologist may I ask? When a person is having flashbacks of terrible abuse that are so real the mind/body reacts with the "protective" response. It is a defense mechanism, not a cry for attention. My wife has NES and has seizures when no one is present almost all of the time. They happen but are not "observed". They "life goal" is the preservation of their life.

Therapy about the abuse is not going to be successful until the teleology of the seizure generation is understood. This person, for reasons that seem completely sensible from the perspective of their "private logic", feels some part of the task of being a fellow man is out of reach.
What on earth does this mean. "a fellow man"???? Pleae note that ceecee is a client. How is she, or me for that matter, going to understand that? [/quote]

Also watch out for a person who seeks to be pampered as a compensation for their "great suffering".
You are clearly belittling the "suffering" that "this person" is experiencing and automatically assuming they are seeking to be "pampered". Pampered? How about needing help! I'v never understood those who always see NES as a way to get attention, etc. It is an easy out for psychiatrists/neurologists who don't do the hard work to try to help these people who suffered at the hands of child rapists, etc. They don't want pampering, they want someon to care about them and help them recover. We are marginalizing NES sufferers again here.

The weapon of the seizures must be ignored if the healing is to proceed.
I would recommend NEVER telling a NES patient that her seizures are a "weapon". That is ridiculous. She is not attacking anyone; she was attacked.

This person is very discouraged in reference to one or more of life's tasks and needs much specific encouragement once the inferiority feeling and fictional goal of superiority has been precisely identified. I am convinced that a complete classical Adlerian therapy could solve this problem.
"Fictional goal of superiority"???? What are you saying? I guess Adlerian therapy is you typical Dr. Phil "hey, get off your ass and stop whining" type of therapy. I am now further convinced of the "superiority" that psychologists, neurologists and MD's seem to have so often.

ceecee, you are not a trouble maker or lazy or looking for "pampering". Take good care and listen to your heart and be careful about professionals who use the kind of talk that we see here.

Good luck,

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