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Lightbulb Re: Sexual Abuse and Nonepileptic Seizures

A notable Canadian neurologist says that almost all "observed seizures" are neurotic in origin. From the perspective of Adlerian psychology, a person in therapy who has (creates) seizures in session, is trying to maintain their life goal. They are clinging to a shock! Somehow, if they should recover they would have to address the life task. Therapy about the abuse is not going to be successful until the teleology of the seizure generation is understood. This person, for reasons that seem completely sensible from the perspective of their "private logic", feels some part of the task of being a fellow man is out of reach. Also watch out for a person who seeks to be pampered as a compensation for their "great suffering". The weapon of the seizures must be ignored if the healing is to proceed. This person is very discouraged in reference to one or more of life's tasks and needs much specific encouragement once the inferiority feeling and fictional goal of superiority has been precisely identified. I am convinced that a complete classical Adlerian therapy could solve this problem.
George Neeson M.D.
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