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Smile Re: Praying in session


Thats just it, people give no credit to GOD for his help in delivering me from those addictions. Trust me when i tell you it wasn't my will power to overcome, God took the desire away from me. My will power only helped for a time but i still had strong desires for the addiction. It took a while, it wasn't instant. But presently i have no desire to be addicted to those things. Where before i prayed i was addicted. I craved the addiction, i thought about it. It plagued me night and day. I would be out at a restaurant and had these strong desires to go back to it. I was up late at night and early in the morning feeding this addiction. It was only in praying and pleading for Gods help is when i was released from it. I continually give thanks to God for this gift of freedom and take no glory for my self.

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