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Default Re: Intelligent Design and Why Not


You and Shelly are welcome anytime the other bars throw you out...

I grant you that it's peculiar to believe in alternate universes but it's also peculiar to believe in only this one. The data are still out. Selection appears so damned flexible and so damned opportunistic.

Brothers against brothers .... only 50% related. Replays of sibling rivalry? The challenge to genes might arise from the fact that identical twins are usually soul mates rather than bitter rivals for the same resources...therein lurks a prize to be won.

Even your devil might choose the most able sinners and roast them one way but we mediocre types another. Would Lucifer turn up the heat for his nearest competitor or welcome her as an ally? And if the latter, imagine the bitterness in cooking your soulmate or in making her scream without screwing her.

A hot question, no doubt. Could get me cooked by a mullah someday!

My best to you both...

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