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Default making it after graduate school?

I was recently accepted into the Art Therapy graduate program at Lesley Univeristy. I am very excited about the opportunity to purse my dream of becoming an art therapist but I have to take out huge loans to afford school. I am in the process of repaying my undergraduate loans too. I have been researching starting pay for art therapist after grad school and found it to be around 30,000. I am not going into art therapy to make tons of money, that is not way I chose the field, but I don't want to be in enoumous debt after school and not be able to work in the field. I am inquiring how other art therapist are paying off their loans or advice on grants or scholarships? I am going back and forth on whether to take some time and save money and then start to create my dream or go right into it. I don't want to pass on wonderful opportunity, any advice is greatly appreciated,
Thank you,catherine
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