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Default Re: Vegas hypnotist -is this for real?

There are lots of case examples out there, some more credible than others. None of mine is from stage hypnosis. My past trance work (mostly during the 1970s and 1980s, when it was a part of my practice and research, but not the majority of it) has included habit control (limited success), treatment of sleepwalking (good success using a methodology I published in the American Journal of Psychotherapy, Western Journal of Medicine, and elsewhere), pain control (limited success), psychotherapy adjunct (limited usefulness), and one case of bleeding control (limited data; methodology similar to, but at a different bleeding site than, established dental hypnosis for oozing after extractions).

I have been interested in, but am well aware of the limitations of, various kinds of forensic hypnosis and the topic of memory volatility. Those fields are fraught with myth and misunderstanding among both professionals and, especially, laypersons. Don't believe what you see in the movies.

Apropos the ethics and legal topics of this forum, it would be interesting to have posts from clinicians about ethical or legal issues/experiences involving hypnosis.

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