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Lightbulb Re: Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles

OK so we look like a real exclusive bunch of "groupies" if you read the lower left hand corner of the "splash page".

You may not...
You may not ...
You may not ...
You may not ...

Well being Irish I don't take kindly to "may nots".

Overcome the "resistance" (of the forum) by going to the left side of the title bar and clicking on "Register". That's at the top if you don't like reading splash pages ... I don't.
They are a bit sticky about agreeing to the rules ... read them if you feel like it, but please say "yes".
Then develop a "user name" ... your own is often nice because we get to know you a bit.
Then enter a password. Make sure you can remember the darn thing. I have so many that as a "sexy senior citizen" they get hard to remember.
Then join us. No question is dumb. We are all learning this psychology. Adler wasn't dumb. The jury is out on me!
Say your two cents worth ... five Pounds worth is better or how about a 100 Euro??? If you like $US bucks we take them too. You probably will be underwhelmed by Canuck Bucks. Or ask any question. Some questions that seem easy at first blush, can keep us spinning for quite a while.
We look prohibitive, but we are really very friendly so welcome.
George Neeson M.D.
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