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Default Re: Comments on Adlerian teleology

Yes, George, the term "creative indeterminism" is a fiction insofar as it was not by Adler himself. However, his comments on creativity seem to imply that it would be legitimate to use this concept in Adlerian context. I was inspired here by Dostojevsky. He has written a short book about a man living in cellar - deplorably, I don't know the english name of this short and, in my opinion, a very important work. It is a classical story of a very neurotic man wwho lives totally isolated. What he seems to think about the freedom of man has mainly a very sinister, almost black character. In the light of subsequent Russian history, the reflections of this "cellar-man" are almost prophetic. He argues that man is totally free, very much in the Sartrean manner. But because the man is neurotic, his conclusions lack any social feeling, or social interest. Deplorably, this is the way many of us understand freedom. It was Furtmueller (Adler's colleague) who in his work "Ethics and Psychoanalysis" argued that there is actually no conflict between individual and society because human beings are social beings by their very nature. My problem is: how comes it that we have people like the "cellar-man" who are living in their destructive fantasies of power, instead of making themselves useful for the society? Probably education is the key, probably the general social spirit of the society. If the society is characterized by greed, egoism, inequality, aggression and lies, how can we convince young people to live modestly, to work hard, to be honest, to be good citizens, loving parents, and good leaders who are willing to work for the best of their societies and the world? - Well, enough about this rhetorics. But the questions remain there to wrestle with.

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