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Default Re: Comments on Adlerian teleology

I do not know quantum mechanics, never quite understood the theory of realtivity, etc. but I think I get a bit of what you are saying, George. I remember reading that Adler surveyed philosophy and the world's religions - part of his late night reading - and came up with the common denominators they shared - the Golden Rule, being one, love thy neighbor perhaps being another. All this partly led to the concept of gemeinschaftsgefuhl. The experience of deep connectedness, the feeling of community, has always seemed to me to be, at it's core, of a spiritual nature, more than just simply biological-psychological. I like Alexander Muller's thoughts on all this ("You Shall Be a Blessing").
I'm not familiar with the "notion of singularity" What is that?? "The universal nature of moral principles" sounds interesting as well.
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