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Yes James, I was addressing the "moral accountability" issue. I believe that some form of morality may be intrinsic in the fabric of the space-time of General Relativity. My son is a physicist and quantuum mechanics is his special interest. We have had many fruitful discussions in this area and it would neither be rational nor irrational to posit some sort of mind, or consciousness, or first cause, that has left a finger print in the fabric. This is not a "religious notion", but a philosophic observation that seems to fall out of:
1) The notion of the singularity.
2) The universal nature of moral principals (I did study Social Anthropology under Dr. Edmund Carpenter at Toronto for two wonderful years) and yes these are as Adler points out repeatedly, in the direction of "Gemeinschaftsgefuhl". (Sorry I don't know how to post that darn umlaut.) It may be that the great principles of morality are not deductable by logic alone, but may be "relevatory" or "transcendent".
I really appreciate having a reply at last. There is much to consider here. We as Adlerians, no not accept an anything goes, what ever feels good to you is OK position. We are adamant that only what is in the direction of social interest is good. That is perhaps our greatest strength and most appealing virtue. This also leads to a complete philosophy for our personal existance, or as Richard Kopp once said to me and I hope he will not mind being quoted, "Adlerian is something you are, not something you do."
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