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Default Ericksonian techniques with severe psychiatric conditions?

Hi Steven-
I've completed all three levels of training at the Erickson Foundation and read/viewed/listened to just about everything I could find out there by/about Erickson, and have found myself working with a population with whom I am not sure when or how it's appropriate to apply my tools with.
I work as a therapist in a healing community for folks recovering from lots of severe conditions, from schizophrenia to bipolar/schizoaffective to one resident with DID. I know that dissociative disorders respond well to hypnotic language, and am receiving consultation around that. The consultant has pointed out, and I have found it to be the case, that this woman (with DID) is already exhibiting an incredibly high degree of hypnotic ability, and hence doesn't require a formal induction of any sort. I wonder if you have any specific suggestions around how to work with a client with this diagnosis? I am ordering Kluft's book, as well as a few others, but would love some input from you.
What I am more uncertain about, though, is the advisability of using hypnotic language with people who have thought disorders such as schizophrenia.
I remember you telling the story of, as a beginner in the world of the mental health profession, joining a person in his delusion, pacing the inner world of that individual and then leading him to feelings of greater safety...and I know that Erickson told Steven Gilligan that to understand hypnosis, he should spend time with schizophrenics...and I remember someone in my training saying confusion techniques are contraindicated with schizophrenia...but beyond that, I don't have a lot to go on.
Seems like a lot of what I've been trained in and read about has assumed that the inductee has a high degree of ego strength and grounding in reality.
Can you advise a bit?
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