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Thumbs up Making training in Cognitive Therapy affordable

From time to time I hear from organizations (such as CMHCs, group practices, psychology departments, etc.) that would like to sponsor training in CT but who have a limited budget. Here are some ideas for making training more affordable:

1. Shop around - not all presenters charge the same or offer the same programs. Less famous presenters may present a good workshop but charge less.

2. Open the program to professionals in your area and charge them to attend - it is not hard to defray a substantial portion of the cost of a program or even make a profit.

3. Collaborate with other organizations - several organizations can co-sponsor a program and share the costs.

4. Collaborate with other organizations - several organizations can each have their own program but schedule the programs so that they can share the travel expenses and possibly get a "quantity discount" from the presenter.

5. Write a grant - We've worked with at least one organization that wrote a grant and was successful in getting a foundation to cover the cost of a training program for their staff.

6. Talk with your local drug reps - pharmaceutical companys often will contribute unrestricted educational grants towards programs which will give them good exposure. This is especially true if a significant number of physicians will be attending.

7. Sponsor a "Train the Trainers" program for senior staff - then have the attendees train the rest of the staff.

8. Pool your CE budget - rather than budgeting funds for each person to find their own CE programs, have individuals with shared interests pool their CE funds to cover the cost of bringing in someone who will present a program tailored to their needs.
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