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Default Re: What uncertainties do we face in CT/CBT?

I know that I am kinda jumping in the middle of things here. But, I thought that I would make some comments anyway (although, I am sure that I will not be as eliquent as some of the other members of this group

As far as research, I think that research can only go so far. The human psyche is very complex. Also, like what has been pointed out, different therapist have different styles... no matter how much they may try to implement the procedures in the same way. Also, clients react to therapists different (for example if a woman who was raped by a male, gets a male therapist... she may not respond to him as well as if she was working with a female therapist). I know that these studies try to control for these things, but, issues like transference can be very subtile. So... studies are good, but there are no perfect studies. Having said that, I believe that CBT has shown to be the "best" validated psychotherapy around. Does this mean that other therapies dont work. No. Other therapies do work. Ellis (albert- rebt founder) has discussed how other therapies do (obviously) work but that he believes that they work because they change the clients beliefs (although, indirectly). He just thinks that REBT (and CBT) more directly address these beliefs than do other therapies and are (usually) quicker and more helpful.

Is CBT- REBT easy. No, we all have very strong beliefs which we continually reinforce. Changing beliefs and behaviors is difficult business. CBT may easily explain what is happening, but the actual work is very difficult. There seem to be no "quick fixes" no matter what some seminars and workshops may advertise.

Is the therapeutic relationship essential? I do believe that it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a good working relationship in psychotherapy. But, does one HAVE to have a relationship to change ones beliefs. No. Look at all of the self help books and tapes on REBT- CBT. The client doesnt really have a relationship with the therapist on the tape, they are receiving new information, evaluating their beliefs, and changing their beliefs without a "relationship" in the traditional sense of the word.
When I was a child my family never wore seat belts. But, when I was in high school I watched one film in drivers ed class about people who were killed who didnt were seat belts. Based upon that information I changed my long held belief and have worn my seat belt EVERY DAY since I watched that film. No "relationship' was needed, I just changed my belief based upon the (very gross) information that I was given.

Hope this post was pertenent. Forgive me if I was off base
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