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Default Re: Search Phenomenon and Ideomotor Behavior

Sorry to be tardy in my reply. I just returned from teaching in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. The internet connection was disappointing at best.

Since you have the Monde/Nick tape you have a thousand examples of search phenomena. To name one I know by heart look at nick just after Erickson says to him - near the beginning - "all your life you've known you could lift your hand and lower it, but there was something you learned long ago, that you could lift your arm, you were an infant and your hands were just objects." THAT is search phenomena on Nick's face!

It is impossible to learn hypnosis sufficiently from reading. Interesting...the first time in 20 years anyone ever asked sounds to me that you need to get some live training and/or supervision to "get the hang of what is being discussed." Thanks for the question.
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