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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

Originally Posted by Fred H.
all the participants were “sure” that in some sense their “team” was “robbed,” that the victims were not “innocent,” and/or that a greater good was being served.
Yes, that's my point. Though 'all the participants' is further than I would go and you left out "have no concept of fairness".
Originally Posted by Fred H.
Without free will/moral responsibility (and some sort of religious/spiritual values serving as a mitigating factor against the excesses of state power and human behavior) we humans are essentially nothing more than wolves.
We are much, much more than wolves. Our brains have evolved to be much more powerful. We can plan ahead and learn from history. We can apply our brains to dramatically change our environment. We can play ping pong .

Besides, I don't argue that the kind part of religion is not beneficial, just against your argument that atheists can not be kind ("morally blind" in your terms). Atheists can not create laws that say everyone has to be kind every time they interact with others, no matter how much better everyone's life would be; ministers of all types can, however, influence their flocks to do just that.

In fact, there's a reason that everyone is highly tuned to the smell of ammonia and that cat urine is so much stronger smelling than human urine; I believe there is a evolutionary reason for everything. That there is so much religion in the world means to me that there are evolutionary reasons for it and religion has made us fitter.

So, I support religions though I can't seem to accept anyone's myths or folklore. The carrot and stick of heaven and hell probably alter many people's environment to the point where they deterministically make better 'choices' but I still believe there are many bad religious people and good atheists.
Originally Posted by Fred H.
You and I are done
Cool, I'll be here if you're ready to discuss my views further...

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