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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

TomJ: I can not conceive that anything could make me hurt innocent people so much.
You mean like when you were “sure” that your “team was robbed,” except that it wasn’t? Don’t flatter yourself—you’re quite capable of being “sure” of the lack of “innocence” in others, and of immense viciousness.

Human history is replete with numerous instances of “man’s inhumanity to man”—the 20th century being especially brutal—with multitudes of regular folk choosing to participate in the inhumanity. And in every case all the participants were “sure” that in some sense their “team” was “robbed,” that the victims were not “innocent,” and/or that a greater good was being served.

Your supposed fairness gene/regret module is an illusion, or just damn easy to short-circuit. Without free will/moral responsibility (and some sort of religious/spiritual values serving as a mitigating factor against the excesses of state power and human behavior) we humans are essentially nothing more than wolves. (Mass murderers would probably agree with your “philosophy,” that they’re “not ultimately responsible for being bad”—it’s just the rest of us “sane adults” that tend to see things differently.)

You and I are done—perhaps Todd or someone else will continue this conversation with you, or not.
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