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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

TomJ: I'm stupid, I like to keep it simple.
So this guy gets a flat tire, as it happens, on a street right in front of a psychiatric hospital.

He removes the hubcap and then the lug nuts and places them in the hubcap; then, in the process of replacing the flat with the spare, he somehow manages to tip over the hubcap and the lug nuts roll away and disappear down a nearby sewer.

Scratching his head and looking down the sewer the guy is wondering what in the world he’s going to do, when one of the psychiatric patients who’d been observing all this from his hospital window yells: “Hey buddy, I’ll tell you what to do—just remove one lug nut from each of the other three wheels and use those."

The guy looks up, startled, realizing that the solution to his problem has just been solved by a psychiatric patient, and says: "Yeah, that’s very good thinking . . . so what in the world are you doing in there?" And the patient responds, “Well, I’m in here b/c I’m crazy, not b/c I’m stupid."
I’m thinking maybe that’s why I post here—b/c I’m crazy . . . and then there are others who can’t seem to find their nuts.

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