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This may sound a little unconventional but it usually works for me. If you notice advertisers are very good at getting things into our head and the problem you are referring to is getting something out of your head.I reference a recent commercial here by dunkin donuts "the backs of my legs...sticking to the pleather". This little tune rattled around in my head for days. What I use is a technique used by many rock bands when they are in session. Its called a break tune. Its the tune they use to transition from session to break and back. I was specifically associated with a band that used the tune Kansas City as thier break tune. Personally, I use Riders on The Storm by the Doors. Its stronger and thus seems to have more power thus stopping Wall Street from messing with our heads more effectively. I also can suggest Allison by Elvis Costello or Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith,............Good Luck.................Ed
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