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Default Dissociative ego states

So, my therapist says that I seem to have a dissociative disorder...we've done a lot of ground work within these last two months and even though I'm anxious and was just wondering WHEN we'd begin EMDR therapy I'm only now starting to be curious about all the "gibberish" he'd been telling me before the actual EMDR began. I have to admit that when I want something I tend not to listen to whatever doesn't seem relevent to what I want. So, when my therapist was talking about my defense mechanisms and that I seemed to display different ego states without amnesic barriers I just thought it'd all go away with EMDR and didn't pay too much attention to what he'd been saying telling myself "He doesn't know what my real problem is" "He's just trying to get more money out of me" etc. Our last session he felt that we were ready to begin the EMDR work and it seemed like nothing happened even though he said he found what my "defenses" were and was trying to get me to see them. I admit that I did see the pattern of where my thinking takes off but I guess I was expecting something for profound to take place. He just used a pen back and forth in front of my face and I didn't see how that would conjure anything up in me. Does anyone know what dissociative disorder without amnesic barriers is? I don't know what that means. Thanks.
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