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Thank you Hoda for encouraging collaboration among art therapists. It has been my experience that art therapists are often confronted with the need to collaborate once they enter the professional sphere, and that it is difficult when the habit has not been developed in graduate school. Art therapy education and training is rather focused on professional issues; rarely do art therapy educational programs interact with other artistic disciplines, because most of the art therapy curriculum is occupied by courses required for AATA approval. As a result, many art therapy graduates are not familiar with the collaborative process, or it is not even part of their world.
In my opinion, collaboration between art therapists will be more likely to develop once art therapists integrate other disciplines in their creative practice, and this should start in art therapy education. There is great potential for work to be done by art therapists who take their training into the realms of creative writers, performance artists, etc... The list is infinite. I think the more we, as art therapists apply our training in new hybrid ways, the more exciting work we will want to share with each other.
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