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Default Re: Working together as art therapists

I was referring to new ways in which you might put your art therapy training to work, regardless of how many hours a week you spend there. You may or may not be inclined to create new applications for your training, rather than look for vacancies in the existing model of your discipline (which is fine too, by the way). This is a decision professionals make for themselves. I believe Hoda is advocating for mutual support among innovative art therapists, in order to create a stronger sense of community. Support is crucial when you take the risk of exploring the world for a practice that makes you happy, and this is true of a personal as well as a professional practice. What someone else is looking for is not necessarily what you are looking for, but helpful colleagues can prevent us from getting lost in the process.
I hope this answers your question about what kind of places I was writing about. Thank you for your post. Check out the other forums for more examples of supportive peer communications.
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