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Lightbulb Re: Working together as art therapists

To reply to Martin who wrote that comment in response to e mail this makes me feel worried about our field. Off course a number of people naturally decide to do other things. I am very concerned that many ore leaving because they simply can not make a living. If you can make ends meet them leaving the profession is not a voluntary act. There are a lot of little part time gigs for art therapists to piece together here and there and often it does not add up to a living. My main point was that if social workers and psychologists have learned how to work together collaboratively fair financial compensation we can do the same. To you Ranada, my reply is that if you want to get into the art therapy field you need to be a pioneer- go getter type that creates your own opportunities. It is possible but it is hard work and hopefully we can work together to make it less of a monumental challenge for everyone. Regards, Hoda
Hoda Mazloomian,
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